Custom Toolboxes – The only way you get exactly what you want.

The biggest advantage custom toolboxes provide is these boxes are the right shape and size for you. This box holds your items safely, eliminating much of the damage that is created from a poor container choice. Eliminating damage to your gear saves you the cost of repair or replacement to your equipment.

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custom toolboxes
If you keep your tools in your vehicle without a box (or in the wrong box), chances are that they will slide around banging against each other, not fit, and be exposed to prying eyes along with the elements. Water damage is a thing of the past with us.

Why you should get your custom boxes made by Ute safe
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure through a comprehensive service that our custom made toolboxes will meet your requirement. We take your specification and return the box that best meets your need, modelling a box to fit your items in the location that you have available.