Ute Safe – The story behind the storage space.

Ute Safe have been designing and manufacturing toolboxes in Melbourne for the last 16 years. An inspired idea from owner Geoff Rowe after he noticed a lack of storage solutions for trades vehicles.

Whilst working on a project for Ute Safe’s parent business Proto Concepts Pty Ltd that involved sliding drawer boxes, a light bulb switched on in Geoff’s mind. Where these boxes were being made from steel, he could see no reason that the same concept could not be applied using aluminium to make light-weight heavy duty designs to install onto vehicles.

The first Ute Safe boxes were soon made with people asking for more. As word spread the number of designs increased. Ute Safe now specialises in custom making any size or shaped box to fit all and every type of vehicle.

It was an exciting time that provided great insight into what the ute owners of Melbourne desired. Many customers sought similar shapes and designs, and set the basis for the Ute Safe standard range.

Ute Safe’s operations began in a small factory in Eltham before moving to a premise in Bundoora. After a few years there they moved into their home located in Campbellfield. Since packing up the factory in Campbellfield, Ute Safe has moved production to Poowong in South Gippsland.

Ute Safe - Manufacturing toolboxes in Melbourne for 16 years.

Customising with the client in mind.

The standard range of Ute Safe boxes provide easy solutions that can be replicated and produced within a shorter timeframe. Custom designing never made before boxes requires a little bit longer to deliver. Limitations on boxes is mainly due to the length or width of the vehicle’s tray or tub.

Every toolbox that leaves the factory is made to the same high quality standard as the first one. The designs are ever changing with new processes and parts, however Ute Safe has never and will never make a box out of anything less than 2.5mm marine grade aluminium. How many other box manufacturers can say that?

Fashion and technology play a part in the design process and 2016 has seen an increase of boxes with central locking and lighting provisions included.

Driven to continue providing a product that won’t only survive your current ute, and likely your next one, and possibly you too; Ute Safe is constantly improving their designs.