Ute Safe provides boxes for storage solutions.

ALG 315 - Ute Safe Storage
Boxes, canopies, drawers, shelves racks and ramps.  The items that you need to store in a box is also what drives the design for every Ute Safe storage compartment.

A truck requires boxes that will fit on and under the tray, or between the cab and a tipper back.
Ute’s are firstly affected by a tray or tub back design and Ute Safe has the range to suit every situation. Caravan solutions require boxes that locate behind the van, underneath or on the drawer bar.

The galleries on view here are just a portion of the range of storage boxes that we have made in the past.  It is likely that you will find the right shape among the boxes on display, but if the size is not exactly right, just send us an enquiry. We can modify boxes to virtually any dimension and we are happy to provide you with a fixed quote.  If you can’t find the shape that you desire then we will be even more keen to hear from you.