Caravan boxes are some of the most specialised boxes available.

Unfortunately many campers are less than happy with their first choice. It’s not a bargain if the box doesn’t hold everything or even the one thing you need it to. This actually makes it the most expensive box you will ever buy.  A cost effective box works for you, not the other guy.  Generators, LPG gas bottles, solar power controllers, fridges, tent-poles, ropes, pegs and mallets all have very different requirements.  Sometimes the spare tyre can’t be mounted anywhere else.  Some people always like to cook on the bbq, and a patio kitchen is what is required.

Caravan Boxes - Ute SafeTravelling can help you to understand your needs a little better.  For many it is paring away to the basics, and for some it means including essentials that everyone else would consider frivolous.  As long as you have a clear idea of what you would like to achieve, it is possible to customise a solution for your caravan boxes.  Location, location, location.  This phrase is certainly relevant to mobile living.  When you have to be able to pack everything up, you can not afford to create one solution at the expense of another.  You will unavoidably have to of course, and  understanding your priorities is paramount to a good caravan box design.

When a good box, a toolbox that has been designed with your gear in mind is fitted to your caravan, you are making the jump from crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, to being prepared to enjoy your time away.   With attention to detail and care, it is possible to create the right solution and the caravan box that will suit your engel, your webber or your honda, or all of them together.  If you understand your own requirements, then you are in the right position to specify a custom solution.

Caravan Boxes - Ute SafeSupplying custom solutions is our specialty.  Caravan boxes offer a great challenge and we relish the opportunity to replace the complex with the simple and to find the elegant solution to achieve this goal. Yes, some jobs seem to be a little more difficult, but no caravan box goes out the door until it meets the requirements we agreed on with you.  We believe that a difficult job for us is better than you getting the wrong box.  A box that is difficult to make, will just take a little longer and it might be subjected to a strong word or two.  But the alternative for you is the wrong box, many more difficult days with even more strong words.  Let us help you do it right once.  We will make the time and provide guidance to help you take the right decision. You get the right box and the chance to enjoy. Enjoy today as if there is no tomorrow.