Tread Plate to Propellor Plate – What does it all mean?

Tread plate was originally the name for any plate metal with a textured finish that increased friction reducing the chance of slippage when someone walked on it. Tread plate once had to be thick enough and tough enough to put up with a significant load. It also had to be able to be used in aggressive environments.

Tread Plate - Ute Safe

Tread Plate

Tread patterns come in different shapes, the main ones are 5 bar, hatch pattern, and the single bar ‘propellor’ or  diamond plate pattern.  Any of these tread designs can be found on the decorative architectural type of aluminium but not on the heavy duty marine grade aluminium.

Although tread plate first began as a material to be trodden on, much of it is now used in other applications where the textured finish is seen as desirable. For an application that is merely decorative (such as covering a reception counter) the soft architectural material is suited for this purpose. It will not be under high stress and worn out over the design life.  For alloy toolboxes the situation demands a product that is able to withstand bangs and crashes, bumps and knocks, and the more aggressive environment of being outside in all types of weather conditions.

Propellor Plate

Propellor Plate

Unfortunately for consumers, many manufacturers have been supplying architectural alloy toolboxes because customers have not been made aware of the difference (and of course because the architectural material is cheaper).

You have probably noticed that some alloy toolboxes are much more solid than others. The thickness of the metal is one factor but the difference between architectural and marine grade alloy is the biggest single factor. You have over double the strength in a marine grade box compared to its architectural counterpart.

Ute Safe is committed to quality and every single Ute Safe Toolbox is built to the highest standard from marine grade plate.  The only tread finish that is available in this material is the 5 bar. You will never see a diamond plate or propellor plate Ute Safe.