Under tray toolboxes. Out of sight, out of mind.

under tray toolboxesA box on the tray is always easy to see and can be a convenient place to store your gear. Under tray toolboxes provide a solution when you need your tray to stay clear. You may need use of the tray to pick up a palette, or use it as a workspace.  You can store your gear in the cab…Clutter on the floor and seat space then lost gear in the cab will really spoil your quality of life.

Under tray storage is the best possible way to keep your gear and keep use of your larger multi-purpose space. Using space that often goes to waste wheel arch boxes provide a handy storage area under the tray. It also doesn’t take space away from the tray area. An ideal and out of the way location for storing items that would otherwise end up cluttering the tray or on the cab floor.

Ute-‘lise that under tray space.

These boxes are designed to fit beside the wheel arch under the tray. The different lengths suit the space and are available in left and right hand versions. The door is angled to follow the case shape furthermore allowing the maximum door opening possible is achieved. Our coaming and hatch design means water runs away, not into the box.

Ute Safe - CB 8003 Custom Tub Box

CB 8003

It’s not always your main tools that need a special place.  Your secondary gear can just as easily help you to finish your job on time and easy access to having it on hand is just as important.

  • Tie down straps
  • Power leads
  • Hand tools
  • Loose containers
  • Tubes of silicone

Separate locked boxes allow you to keep the contents of some boxes secure while allowing you to make the contents of others available to your work mates.  Head over and take a view of some of our previous under tray toolboxes including wheel arch boxes.