Custom made aluminium toolboxes ensure you get exactly what you want!

Custom made aluminium toolboxes have been the Ute Safe speciality for over 15 years.
In that time we have seen just about every request. Toolboxes, gun boxes, fridge boxes, horse boxes, Food trucks, site boxes, generator boxes, you name it we’ve probably done it. We have made custom boxes to hold geophys equipment for some of the harshest roads, and explosive boxes for coal miners.

Every custom made box is a response to a specific customer request.  There is only so much room on a vehicle and sometimes it is a challenge to create the best functioning solution.  Ute Safe toolboxes are designed to provide this custom solution and to look good.

Strong enough to put up with years of abuse and then be moved from one vehicle to the next, our goal has always been to provide value money.  With a solution that will last way beyond a minimum warranty and provide peace of mind for years to come.

If you have a specific request, jot it down or sketch it out, and we will find something similar we have done or create a new design.  With lots of happy customers you know that your custom design is in good hands with Ute Safe.

Check out some of the custom made aluminium toolboxes we have made over the years over in our custom gallery.