Compression Lock Maintenance - How To by UteSafe

How to maintain your compression latch

Maintain your compression latch for long locking durability. Compression locks perform an important function with your toolbox. They help by keeping the contents of your box protected as they provide a level of difficulty to someone trying to access the contents. The last thing you want is the lock to stop working. Dust can enter…

Ute Safe - CB 3042 Custom Under Box
Ute Safe - CB 8003 Custom Tub BoxUte Safe - CB 3043 Custom Tub BoxUte Safe - CB 3042 Custom Under Box

Under Boxes

Using space that often goes to waste, under tray boxes provide a handy storage area under the tray and does not take space away from the tray area. An ideal and out of the way location for storing items that would otherwise end up cluttering the tray or on the cab floor.

Ute Safe - CB 170 Custom Tub Box
Ute Safe - CB 319 Custom Tub BoxUte Safe - CB 205 Custom Tub BoxUte Safe - CB 170 Custom Tub Box

Tub Boxes

Tub boxes come in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes. Designed to suit your tub backed ute these boxes are created with curves to fit your tub shape and style.

Ute Safe - CB 7042 Custom Side Box
Ute Safe - CB 7025 Custom Side BoxUte Safe - CB 7033 Custom Side BoxUte Safe - CB 7042 Custom Side Box

Side Boxes

The side box gallery displays a selection of Ute Safe’s custom box designs that open from the side. Whether that be a door that opens straight up, drops down, or swings sideways.

Ute Safe - CB 5023 - Standard Range
Ute Safe - CB 5014 - Standard Range CanopyUte Safe - CB 5023 - Standard Range


Canopies convert the width of a tray into a box. This provides a single large area suitable for storing large items that must be under cover. Ute Safe aluminium ute canopies are custom made, however our standard range includes some of our most popular and requested canopy designs.

Ute Safe - AL 33 - Standard Range
Ute Safe - AL 110 - Standard RangeUte Safe - AL 75 - Standard RangeUte Safe - AL 33 - Standard Range

Standard Range

Our range of standard toolboxes is created from the most popular custom boxes we have made and we try to hold this extensive range in stock. As stocks run low we have a 2-5 day replacement strategy.

Toolbox FAQ

The Toolbox FAQs

Toolbox Frequently Asked Questions Why does buying a toolbox have to be so difficult? Boxes are by definition, one type of closable container to hold stuff in, but boxes are diverse by nature (including a toolbox). The contents and the location in which the boxes are placed vary. Additionally when you take the final appearance and…

Custom Made Aluminium Toolboxes - Ute Safe

Custom Made Aluminium Toolboxes

Custom made aluminium toolboxes ensure you get exactly what you want! Custom made aluminium toolboxes have been the Ute Safe speciality for over 15 years. In that time we have seen just about every request. Toolboxes, gun boxes, fridge boxes, horse boxes, Food trucks, site boxes, generator boxes, you name it we’ve probably done it.…

Modifying Boxes - Ute Safe Aluminium Toolboxes

Modifying Boxes

Modifying boxes is another way we custom make Modifying boxes from our standard range of boxes allows us to provide you with exactly what you are after. Modifications include the length, width, height, and the number of doors; which can all be changed to create your dream utility box. Our standard range of boxes all…