Maintain your compression latch for long locking durability.

Compression locks perform an important function with your toolbox. They help by keeping the contents of your box protected as they provide a level of difficulty to someone trying to access the contents. The last thing you want is the lock to stop working.

Dust can enter the lock mechanism over time and this makes it difficult to operate.

As a result of rain falling over the outside of the box the lock lubricant can be washed away. As this occurs it deposits fine particles in its place, consequently impacting on the effectiveness of your lock. These annoying dust particles accumulate over time making it hard for you to insert your key into the lock and to operate it.

Therefore if you maintain your compression latch (we recommend every 6 months) the longevity of it providing its much needed service will continue. It is likely that in your toolboxes lifetime these locks will need to be replaced. However a little care can effectively put this off for a while longer.

How to perform compression latch maintenance

  • Use your key with a light aerosol oil (WD-40,CRC,etc.) to clean out the lock barrel.
  • A new temporary water barrier can be created over the lock with some vaseline.
  • Clean the cavity beneath the lever handle with a damp cloth. Apply some light grease to protect the steel spring.

By performing the above steps you’ll be helping your latch look after you and all the goodies kept behind it.