Modifying boxes is another way we custom make

Modifying Boxes - Ute Safe - ALG 198 - Standard Range

ALG 198 – 1200L x 540W x 450H

Modifying boxes from our standard range of boxes allows us to provide you with exactly what you are after. Modifications include the length, width, height, and the number of doors; which can all be changed to create your dream utility box.

Our standard range of boxes all began life as a custom made creation. The ALG 198 has been one of our most popular recreated toolboxes due to its low profile design and the ability to gain access to the box contents without having to drop the tray sides. It’s low profile has meant that the driver’s view has not been obscured by a high box – favoured by many. The gull wing style door ensures plenty of access and visibility when getting things out or putting them away. The ALG 198 also provides the option to be fitted out with either the AC 2127 (100mm) or the AC 2302 (150mm) tray shelf.

An introduction to the custom made modified design
Modifying Boxes - CB 7097 - Custom Made Toolbox - Ute Safe

CB 7097 – 1750L x 542W x 450H

It wasn’t long before we saw the birth of the CB 7097. A two door version of the ALG 198. The extra 500mm length allows longer items to be stored under cover. With the same profile this box can be teamed up with the ALG 198 or used on its own along the side or across the width of the tray.

Please contact us to discuss modifying boxes, either existing custom boxes or ones from our standard range.