Custom built aluminium toolboxes that you only need to pay for once.

Even the standards are custom. The least expensive box on the market is a Ute Safe box. Initial price is more than most other boxes, but then they do last a lifetime. Cheap boxes using poor designs and inferior material cost less to buy but they don’t last as long. Continual replacement adds up. $500 every 5 years for the next 20 years is $2000.
Custom built aluminium toolboxes economically - Ute Safe
A Ute Safe box that costs $1000 will still be going strong in 20 years time, that’s 1/2 the price or double the value. Ute Safe links you with your vehicle and your gear. You have a purpose in mind, so you get the right gear, and you get the right vehicle to get you and your gear there. Well the right box makes a difference. Protecting your gear from rain, fitting it all in, getting to it easily and looking good are all important considerations.

Ute Safe boxes are the best solution for your application because they are customised to suit your individual situation. When you know what you need to do, talk to us about custom built aluminium toolboxes.